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The Fall Effect

The Fall Effect
Artist Statement

For this project I decided to do a fall silhouette because I think silhouettes look cool and fall is my favorite season, it has the most colors. I chose to put a bare tree with leaves falling to show that it is autumn. I applied a gradient onto the tree with a dark red color because that it one of the many colors in autumn. The plane was something I removed from my original version of this project, the original project was similar but slightly different and I thought the plane would help take up empty space in the corner. The moose was also used to take up space and I wanted to have an animal in the project. The moose is a brownish orange color which is also another color of autumn. When I got to this point in the project the background had too much empty space, so I decided to put the setting sun in the background to fill that empty space. Once this was completed there was still a big gap in the top left corner. To fill this space I put a silhouette of a flock of migrating birds in the corner. Having all of these objects spread throughout the piece really helps balance everything out and makes the project easier to look at. Overall I was pleased with the way my project turned out, the color scheme is just what I was going for and just about every object in the project is a silhouette. The color scheme really shows that it is the autumn season. I really enjoyed this project and like I said before I'm happy with the final outcome.

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Girl's Tennis

Girl's Tennis Shirt
My project was a client project with Mrs. Lehman. I was designing the girl's varsity tennis t-shirt for this year. During our meeting we came up with a basic concept for the shirt. We decided on a black shirt with mainly white or grey text. On the front we wanted the basic Mason "M" with 2006 girl's tennis somewhere on the front. For the zeros in 2006 we though of crossed tennis rackets. For the back of the shirt we came up with the words, "Making History" and "A Season to Remember". Then we though of putting a book on the back with their season's stats in the book. Below the book we had all of the player's names.
I changed up the design on the final shirt I created and chose. I kept the black shirt with white text. On the front I made the Mason "M" pink, I originally had it green but pink seemed to fit better with girl's tennis. I placed "Girl's Tennis" below the "M". Instead of using the crossed tennis rackets for the zeros in 2006 I used tennis balls. The tennis balls looked and fit better than the tennis rackets.
For the back I completely removed the book idea. Instead i just listed all of their stats and the team roster on the back. I also added the pink "M" that was on the front below the team roster. I kept "Making History" and "A Season to Remember" quotes on the top of the shirt with the roster below it and the stats below that.
The client project wasn't my favorite project. I liked having someone to work with and help you come up with ideas. But it was hard to keep up with your client and check in with them. But overall I thought it was a pretty good assignment and I liked the final outcome of my project.

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Artist Statement Project 1

For my first project I decided to do the art contest project that involves one word that describes yourself. I chose the word music. I love music and, like most people, listen to it a lot.

In my project, for my background I chose to put a bar staff. I chose the bar staff because it took up the empty space in the background and added an overall balance to the piece. In front of the staff, but behind the note, there is a red splat with an orange shadow. The splat is just a creative design that I thought of, and I didn't think just a plain splat was creative enough so I added instruments and musical note splats coming off of the big splat. I used a big black music note, an eighth note, and put it on top of the splat to represent music. At the bottom of the image I have a black puddle shape. The splats coming off of the puddle are different musical symbols and notations, to show a more creative way to represent music. I made the puddle black to balance out the amount of black in the image.

I learned some new techniques in this project. One technique I didn't use often in the past that I used a lot on this project is transfering images from Illustrator to Photoshop to use different tools and effects that are only available in one program or the other. I also used more brushes than I used in the past.

Overall I liked this project. I liked being able to use our own creativity to describe something about ourselves. Choosing something important in our lives and creating a piece that describes it. I also enjoyed the fact that I was able to learn new things and use techniques that I didn't use very often in the past.


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